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Mareike in Action

Mareike in Action

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 - 3:33 pm

During the last weeks we shooted a lot with Mareike.

She lives in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel, she is AB, and she is captain of the national team. During the last weeks we had some shooting days wie Mareike on our schedule. We visited the 27-year-old in her appartment and joined her for a meeting of the national team. We could shoot some great footage, which you may see in the next time.

Already before Christmas Mareike visited the University Macromedia in Hamburg. The sportsjournalism students presented some new formats for VIERZEHNEINHALB to her, which they’ve created during their 5th semester. In that process very exciting ideas came off such as an virtual-reality-experiment. Mareike went straight for trying it in front of the students to get an idea of it.

Mid-Season Thoughts

Mid-Season Thoughts

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 - 10:51 am

Time flies! First half of the season is done. Favorites are made.

And, to be honest, it’s not the Baskets. 10:8 points mean a positive record and fitfth place after nine games in the championships for Hamburg. Captain Kai and his team got enough space climbing up and down the over all conference.
On Sunday the Baskets lost their last game of the first round against German champion RSV Lahn-Dill straight (93:59). But it was the first game in this championships period every single member of coach Holger Glinickis squad could score.

The team play will also be of great importance in the last two matches before the mid-season break. With four points out of two games the Baskets could celebrate Christmas with a playoff position. We are excited for the journey.

The congrats for the inofficial autumn championship go out to Erfurt and the RSB Thuringia Bulls. Without a single loss the team around star player Matt Scott and former Basket Jake Williams could finish the first half of the season. At least since then the Bulls are the undisputed favorit for all national cups and championships. We also keep fingers crossed fot the internationals.

Weekend Off

Weekend Off

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017 - 1:11 pm

Amsterdam Calling: Baskets got a weekend off.

After the 83:52 win (42:22) over Hannover United last Thursday evening, some of the Baskets were in a hurry. Coach Glinicki gave his players the weekend off. A welcome opportunity for some time to do something else together besides the court.

Ali, Asael and Even headed to Amsterdam. They went to the dutch capital by train. It was the first time in the megacity for all of them: “It was a great time, we had much fun”, Asael said, after coming back on Monday. Captain Kai kept it calm and visited his parents in his nordish home. Anne visited the island of Sylt with her mother. Others enjoyed the silence and stayed in Bergedorf.

But that’s enough time off! The Baskets are all back and preparing in Hamburg for the hard away game on Sunday against champion and cup winner Lahn-Dill.