What does a ticket cost?
You actually don’t buy a ticket but you purchase a stream. One stream costs 10€ per home. 1€ per stream will automatically be donated to local movie theaters to survive the situation.


Do I pay per home (one group watching the movie together) or per person?
You only need to buy/purchase one stream per home, which is in this case your Vimeo account. Of course you can watch the movie together with your family and friends. But please do us a favor and don’t forward your login (and the movie) to third parties.


How long can I stream the movie?
After your purchase you’ll be able to stream FOURTEEN-AND-A-HALF COLLISIONS for 48 hours.


What is the streaming platform?
The stream is exlusively available via Vimeo On Demand. Your sign up and registration (also possible via Facebook or Google) is for free.


What is the stake of the movie theaters? And how will the profit be devided?
Each sold stream automatically donates 1€ to the local movie theaters taking part. The money will be devided equally.


What movie will be shown?
FOURTEEN-AND-A-HALF COLLISIONS is a 97 minute feature documentary dealing with unexpected friendships, a unique sports team and the wy back to life.

Asael, the victim of a terrorist attack, leaves his home in Israel in late summer of 2017 to try his luck as a wheelchair basketball pro in Hamburg. In Germany he initially scores on court and makes friends with his teammates. The team of nine international top players also lives together on the grounds of a hospital for paraplegics. Anne, one of two female players, meets the patient Julian in the gym and starts training with him. The paraplegic Julian, who fell from a construction site on New Year’s Eve and broke his back, is impressed by the strength and ability of the wheelchair pros. He becomes more and more curious about the team – in which after several defeats – disruptions appear. While Julian prepares to live independently in wheelchair after hospital, a tight father-son like friendship between Asael and his Iranian teammate Ali develops.

“Fourteen-and-a-half Collisions” tells the story of the unusual encounters and strokes of fates without prejudices. Filmmaker Guido Weihermüller and his team followed the protagonists over a period of one year and deliver a sensitive documentary which challenges the audience perspectives in many ways.


Who long will the movie be available for streaming?
FOURTEEN-AND-A-HALF COLLISIONS is available from May 1st up until May 31st 2020. After purchasing the movie you’ll be available to stream it for 48 hours.


Can I support the movie theaters additionally to the movie streaming?
Yes, you can. Check out the crowdfunding (German only) of the local movie theaters of Hamburg.


Where and when can I buy tickets?
The streaming tickets are exclusively available at our offical Vimeo On Demand movie page. Please do not purchase tickets anywhere else as these might be sold by bad people who want to profit illegally. Only tickets bought with us via Vimeo will remain valid.
Our movement of supporting the local movie theaters of Hamburg will run through May 2020 up until the 31st.


Who gains profit by selling the streams?
Every single stream sold automatically supports the local movie theaters of Hamburg with 1€. After withdrawling the transaction costs of Vimeo the rest of the profit belongs to Close Distance Productions. This helps us to realize our unique movie projects.


Who initiated this movement?
The initiator of the movement is the Hamburg based production company Close Distance Productions. We’re experts for transmedia sports and feature documentaries from close distance. Maybe you already know some of our movies:

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or our web series
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Sechsviertel – Der Ausstieg des Robert Harting.


You couldn’t find your question? Just inbox us at redaktion@close-distance.de! We’re always glad to help out 🙂