#9 Kai Möller

#9 Kai Möller


Kai Möller is only 26 years old and one of the young guns in the team, although he is eyerything but the baby. Kai is captain of the Baskets and one of the outstanding players in the league. He plays for Hamburg since 2016. Before he scored for BSC Rollers Zwickau, Briantea 84 and FCK Rolling Devils Kaiserslautern. But he shows also great skills playing Playstation. He loves gaming basketball against his friend Karlis on the controller.

The international is born in a small town near Schleswig in the far north of Germany. Kai is a real family person and visits his parents and his brother with his family as often as he could. With his stoic typical northern nature he brings peace and constancy to his team. One of his great aims is to win a title with his team. The other one is the world championships in Hamburg, which he works for very hard every day. His parents could come watch their son. As they always do for every single home game.

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