#9 Kai Möller

#9 Kai Möller


Kai Möller is only 26 years old and one of the young guns in the team, although he is eyerything but the baby. Kai is captain of the Baskets and one of the outstanding players in the league. He plays for Hamburg since 2016. Before he scored for BSC Rollers Zwickau, Briantea 84 and FCK Rolling Devils Kaiserslautern. But he shows also great skills playing Playstation. He loves gaming basketball against his friend Karlis on the controller.

The international is born in a small town near Schleswig in the far north of Germany. Kai is a real family person and visits his parents and his brother with his family as often as he could. With his stoic typical northern nature he brings peace and constancy to his team. One of his great aims is to win a title with his team. The other one is the world championships in Hamburg, which he works for very hard every day. His parents could come watch their son. As they always do for every single home game.

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10 // Chances

It's "double or nothing" for Asael, Karlis and the BG Baskets. After some ups and downs during the season the team can now wrap up the playoffs with a winner in the last game of the regular season. But unfortunately its cup winner and champion of last year RSV Lahn-Dill they have to play against.


The Baskets couldn't be without the Front Office of the HSV. Logiscitcs, marketing, but also barbecue and other services - the team behind takes care of it. Team manager David Schulze is in charge of everything. He does his job with passion, but he has still one wish for the sport...


How fit is the team? Every year the BG Baskets have to do a medical check-up. Doc Sascha Kluge and his team of the BG Klinikum in Hamburg test the general shape of the players and do a performance diagnostics.


Kai Möller, Center of BG Baskets, regulary visits his family in the small village of Ellingstedt near Schleswig, Over there he used to be the "wheelchair-boy" when he was young. Today he is a wheelchair basketball pro and a member of the German national team. But that does not matter much in the country, because there is a always a lot of work to do.


It's a tense mood in the team after the first defeat. Everybody knew, that the season wouln't be easy going at all times. The home game against the Rhine River Rhinos from Wiesbaden is a major challange for the Baskets so far. Captain Kai and his team have to deal the first crisis. Unfortunately play maker Ali is injured and his appearence on the court is incertain.


Not only the opponents on the court challange the BG Baskets. Also living next-door to one another is a major part, which demands well cooperation. The team has to grow together for success.


The BG Baskets go on their longest trip directely for the season opener. The whole team travels to Munich by train. From the station the team goes straight into the gym to meet their opponent - the 'Iguanas'. Captain Kai Möller motivates his team and knows, 'now it's hot!' A victory could be celebrated at the world famous Oktoberfest.


Six new signings gain the BG Baskets in this season. A lot to do for head coach Holger Glinicki in the short pre-season. How will he manage to bind the six men and two women together as a team? The athletes arrive in Hamburg one after another and move into the Baskets' flat. Each of them got his or her unique story.  Young talent Asael is from Israel. Hamburg is his first stop abroad. The new beginning is on.