Holger Glinicki


Holger Glinicki loves Hamburg to the core. Born 1952 and raised in the hanse town the coach of the Baskets stayed loyal to his home and its proper football club. Owner of a HSV season ticket for 20 years he enjoys the matches whenever he could from the south stands in the Volkspark and gets emotional as on the sideline of the court.

After a successful career as a player (in Hamburg of course), Holger coached the german woman national team and since 2013 the team of the BG Baskets. Besides paralympic gold 2012 in London the roll of his titles seems to be endless. But being honored Hamburgs coach of the year (2012) certainly was a special one for Holger.

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It's a tense mood in the team after the first defeat. Everybody knew, that the season wouln't be easy going at all times. The home game against the Rhine River Rhinos from Wiesbaden is a major challange for the Baskets so far. Captain Kai and his team have to deal the first crisis. Unfortunately play maker Ali is injured and his appearence on the court is incertain.

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Not only the opponents on the court challange the BG Baskets. Also living next-door to one another is a major part, which demands well cooperation. The team has to grow together for success.

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The BG Baskets go on their longest trip directely for the season opener. The whole team travels to Munich by train. From the station the team goes straight into the gym to meet their opponent - the 'Iguanas'. Captain Kai Möller motivates his team and knows, 'now it's hot!' A victory could be celebrated at the world famous Oktoberfest.

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Six new signings gain the BG Baskets in this season. A lot to do for head coach Holger Glinicki in the short pre-season. How will he manage to bind the six men and two women together as a team? The athletes arrive in Hamburg successively and move into the Baskets' flat. Each of them got his or her unique story. The new beginning is on.

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