#10 Alireza Ahmadi

#10 Alireza Ahmadi


41 years – Alireza ist the oldest player in the Baskets squad. He’s got lots of international experience and is the playmaker on the court. Without him it will always be a tough battle for the Baskets. But Ali didn’t came to make hisself a star.

“Team is power” Ali said due to his point of the challange. He wants to be successfull with the team and could become really tough on the field, if he has to. Besides the court Ali is gentleness in person. You could not dislike him. Together with his wife he lives in the Baskets appartment at the BG hospital.

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The young Israeli Asael, who was the victim of a terrorist attack as a child, travels to Hamburg to realize his dream as a wheelchair basketball professional. Here he meets Iranian Ali, and an unusual friendship emerges. For one season, they live together with their basketball team in a house that is on the grounds of a hospital. Here also lives Julian, who is paraplegic after a fall and can only accept laboriously with his new life in a wheelchair....


Ali Ahmadi is an incredible player. He scored for his national team for about 17 years and played for clubs in Spain and Italy. Since this season he wears the Baskets' jersey. He is a gain for the team not only because of his experience. He has got some pretty nice skills.